There are no ‘corporations’

Prompted (at least in part) by my daily slog in the corporate world, as well as a late-night trip to a supermarket and the thoughts I had during that, I felt moved to write a piece calling for an end to corporations.

I had lists made in my head of reasons why corporations are a terrible affliction on what would otherwise be happier lives, etc., etc.

Then I remembered that they don’t exist; some of us (myself included sometimes) just pretend they do.

There are no entities called corporations, they ‘exist’ only as apparitions in shared delusions; they are another example of parasites in our mind that allow evil to thrive.

So when (as I was going to) we say “corporations are bad because they create enmity between those who are working together to achieve common aims” (for reference, see the banally cruel way in which managers treat the people that work ‘under’ them) – and when, as someone might rebut, we say “except those aims are not common to either worker involved in this enmity, the aims are only those of the corporations”, we would do well to catch ourselves and rephrase the statements in true language.

Corporations, then, are those (shared) delusions that drive people to work for other, remote and wealthy individuals that exploit them for personal profit, in part to compensate for the large sums of money that these remote individuals pay to governments that look after their interests and make conditions favourable to continued exploitation of those that work for them. The aim in all cases is more profit, to which all other imagined aims (personal career development, team-building, or ‘customer service’ are the first three that spring to mind) are merely minor appendices that pale and shrivel in comparison; think of something very pale and very small and very shrivelled, sat next to a massive, towering effigy of darkness and power.

Rephrased correctly like this, I fail to see how any sane person could disagree with these facts, or choose not to join me in my call for an end to these delusions, these corpapparitions.

There ain’t no corporations there, so let’s instead think of ways of ending the delusion altogether, together.

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