There is no reason to believe in ‘god’

(This post is for visitors to this site that ‘believe’ in ‘god’. If you do not suffer from this delusion, please ignore this post and get on with your day.)

Empiricism seems like a reasonable basis for ‘beliefs’.

“I have X reason for believing Y to be true.”

“My legs haven’t spontaneously fallen off the last 31 years of my life, so I believe they will not do this in the near future.”

“I have flown in an airplane before and never crashed so I do not believe that it is likely the next plane I fly in will crash.”

“Eating has always given me energy, therefore I believe the next food I eat will do the same.”

But there is simply no reasonable basis for beliefs in a ‘supreme being’.

What’s more, such a being, according to the definitions offered by those that ‘believe’, is impossible.

If we use the word ‘existence’ to denote all that IS (including any possible ‘multiverse of universes’ model), and then move to the premise that ‘a supreme being exists that was the causal mechanism for the creation of existence’, then we immediately encounter a contradiction.

‘God’ cannot both be IN existence and have CREATED it.

But, to return to my earlier point, there is no REASON for believing in any of this claptrap.

Unlike many, I received no indoctrination, and didn’t even come into contact with the concept of ‘god’ until I was 5 and starting school. I remember clearly the first assembly and when everyone hunched over, closed their eyes, and put their hands together I asked the kid next to me: “What’s happening?”

He replied, “We’re praying to god.”

“What??!!” I asked.

“You know, the man in the sky…”

It was at this point that I realised – thankfully a lot earlier than most others – that most people were incredibly stupid and brainwashed. I mean, if they’ll believe in all that without a single reason to, then what wouldn’t they believe in?

I’ve still found no more ridiculous plotline in any of the 1000s of movies I’ve seen than the one presumed to be true by every ‘believer’ on the planet.

You’ve been kidded (think about that verb for a second longer) by your parents, your teachers and/or your ‘priests’. You’re kidding yourselves still. You don’t have to kid yourself any longer.

Now you have no excuse.