An open letter to Adam Kokesh

Dear Adam,

I am writing to you in order to ask for your thoughts in response to mine. As with many others, I have taken an interest in your activities since leaving the USMC. Right now, I am especially interested in your almost unique position at the intersection of 3 sets: as a very prominent member of what is generally called ‘the freedom movement’; as an advocate of voluntaryist principles; and as someone that has also flirted with electoral politics, both in your own run for ‘public office’, and in your continued support of Ron Paul’s bid for the ‘office’ of POTUS.

As for myself, I am a firm subscriber to the principles of voluntaryism, and so am writing to you to impart my particular opinion to you by means of this open letter. In my writing, I have lately been calling on all those who currently feel they are part of a ‘freedom movement’ to do several things, which I consider essential to attaining the objective of a voluntary paradigm of social relations:

1. Establish fundamental principles, and disavow those members of the incumbent movement that will not accept them. This is precisely the opposite of a ‘big tent’ approach, but I have in recent articles written extensively on why I think ‘big tent’ cannot work. The principles that I suggest would be as follows:-

Autonomy, not heteronomy – dependent on…

  • All actions being judged according to the consentient / nonconsentient dichotomy – that determines the application of reason or violence. This is not quite as simplistic as NAP, which often leads to ambiguity in my experience.
  • Egoism, a focus on one’s own life. Lessens the tendency of each person to dominate or leech upon another, and gives each person the control and motivation to live their own life.

Cooperation, not competition – not a disavowal of free trade, but a rejection of modern predatory capitalism, so…

  • No recognition of the fiction of corporate entities
  • An advocacy of voluntary cooperation, not municipality (dutybound citizens)

I truly believe the above 2 principles and their 4 subprinciples to be all we need to cure all of the major ills of our time: tyranny, debt-based monetary systems, corporate abuse, wage slavery and false collectives.

2. Form local discussion groups and organise using grassroots methods to engage in a mass proselytisation effort that concentrates solely on the core message and principles of voluntaryism. Any creative projects ought to be done only to further the message – for example any ‘news’-style commentary should bring the issues back to voluntaryism as often as possible. A good essay will make its central point in every paragraph so there is no reason that Internet TV-style programs can’t labour the point as the need for a real movement dedicated to voluntaryism, every few minutes. We could also choose one ‘tag’ – for example #resistance, or something else appropriate, and use that exclusively, so that it sits atop the trending charts of every social networking tool that uses tags.

3. Begin to gradually set-up, if not the actual infrastructure of a ‘parallel polis’ as an alternative to the government-run services and agendas currently in place, then at least a detailed framework and plan for those, that would facilitate its adoption on a special given day. Which brings me onto…

4. When support is generally agreed (by the members of the organisation) to be large enough, to switch to a more targeted and coordinated ‘strike’ in which every member begins to put all of the principles into direct use simultaneously.

5. The decision of the members of the movement to refrain from any activity that would risk adverse publicity for the movement, including arrest. The people we are trying to proselytise have existing stigmas about certain aspects of what they currently perceive to be ‘extremist’. The idea behind the overall campaign is to soften their perceptions to see us radicals for freedom and autonomy.

So, if you feel like commenting on what I have set out here, I would be extremely grateful to receive your feedback.

In the interest of full disclosure, I must confess to once being very rude about you on a public platform. The comment was: “Adam Kokesh = paid by Russian tax theft, wears double-headed eagle t-shirts with ‘I AM THE RESISTANCE’ on it. What is there to like about this unprincipled show-off?”.

I won’t go into here what I think drove me to such a silly act, but would like not only to express my sincere apology, but also assure you that I have seen the errors of this judgment (I have seen that actually, you do have principles, that you are not a show-off at all, and there is plenty to like about you), and after hearing you defend the voluntaryist camp in your interview with Webster Tarpley, have actually gone on to extol your virtues to others. I hope this, together with my apology, can go some way to making amends for the one time I was less than civil about your self. As for the RT thing, it is no longer relevant since you are now independent.

What I would like to know now is: are you open to a REAL freedom movement, a REAL truth movement, and a REAL anti-war movement, all in one organisation, that doesn’t try to be friendly or collaborate with philosophical enemies (like Tarpley, for example), but is ruthless and almost monomaniacally devoted to spreading the only message that I feel has a chance of turning this crazy world around and taking us to a bright future?

If you’re not too busy, I would love to hear your answer.

Yours faithfully,

Ben Freeman

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