The false left/right spectrum comes to the ‘truth movement’

As the popularity of the so-called ‘truth movement’ grows, so too it appears to be inheriting the same mindless divisions that apply in ‘mainstream’ politics. Arguments about leftism and rightism are beginning to be heard in the same breath as the Bilderberg Group, depopulation and global currency.

What this means is that even the people ‘awake’ to some of the more covert evils of the world have not been able to form a coherent or effective resistance, and will not, unless they come to agree on fundamental principles. Two people may both have a roughly equal knowledge of the life and crimes of George Soros, but are seemingly at present to be unable to agree on what a future without such people would look like.

What this amounts to is another disheartening but necessary conclusion; that, as with the ‘freedom movement’, the truth movement is also something of a flattering name for something altogether more ethereal.

If ‘truthers’ can’t agree on whether or not Americans have a ‘right’ to healthcare, then what does that say about their ‘truths’? All the in-depth knowledge of New World Order reality and mythology (and believe me, I have Gigabytes clogging up my own memory banks) won’t do you any good if you can’t properly conceive of or communicate ideas for ‘what comes after the NWO is no more’.

In the above recent argument between Alex Jones (who I have a lot of respect for) and Webster Tarpley (for whom I have very little respect), it becomes apparent that there is very little in common between the two except for the fact that both ostensibly oppose the Bilderberg Group, of whom so much is speculated, and against whom so few solutions are found.

For me, Jones seems spot-on when he implies that Tarpley’s ideas lead to Soviet-style control environments, but then so does the minarchy Jones himself champions, eventually. As time goes by and more and more of his fellow broadcasters begin to cotton onto the idea that government itself is wrong, I am of the mind that Jones will at some point confront the fact that the ‘answer to 1984’ is NOT ‘1776’ but a steadfast commitment to non-violence and reason.

Unless we work to expose esoteric  knowledge and promote voluntarism (and explicitly reject minarchism and socialism), newcomers to what might be termed ‘alternative media’ will be so confused as to latch onto all kinds of disinfo, and the abuses of corrupt government and ruthless corporatism, will continue.

I would love to see the ‘truth movement’ AND ‘the freedom movement’ both come to terms with the fact that only through voluntaryism are they gonna avoid a repeat of history.

I welcome correspondence from anyone supportive of such a resistance.

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