The state of the ‘freedom movement’

How necessary it is for articles like this one to exist can be measured in part by how many of you spotted the intended irony in the title of the piece from the offset; because, of course, there ‘is’ no ‘freedom movement’.

While there are a greater number of people than ever before having their energies and enthusiasms funnelled into what appear to be vehicles for change that can somehow ‘bring about’ a state of freedom, these vehicles do not really form a coherent ‘movement’ or a ‘worthwhile’ venture.

Firstly, there is no ‘movement’ because – at best – all that is present is a disparate and scattered array of disillusioned and disenfranchised individuals (and small groups thereof), who feel that something is wrong with the status quo of their civilizational paradigm, and who are in some way communicating this message of dissatisfaction. However, these individuals and small groups can agree on very little with one another, and what’s more, none of them are apparently very interested in resolving these differences. They cannot be brought under one umbrella – either for analysis or for activism – all the while these questions are unanswered. As one writer once said (and I paraphrase) – ‘if you had two guys at an anti-Reagan rally, and one was a communist who thought Reagan had too little welfare, and one was a paleoconservative who thought Reagan had too much welfare, there is no reason in the world these people should collaborate’ – or even be considered part of the same ‘movement’ just because they are both anti-Reagan.

I look around the different entities that allegedly make up this movement, and I see: Christians who say that the elites’ agenda of consolidation and brutality is run by Satan; I see closet-socialists who think it’s all a deterministic class war by unthinking robots; I see ‘Constitutionalists’ who think a fucking piece of paper is going to turn this whole stinking mess around;  I see those that want to blame the entirety of the evils of the world on a single group – “It’s the Vatican” – “No, it’s The Jews” – “No, it’s The Masons” – or the Annunaki, or the UN, or the Rothschilds – all of these approaches of course blindly focusing on a single group and attributing everything bad that happens to their evil schemata when – a) it’s obvious that no single group can control everything, and b) this narrow view ignores the role of the individual (yes, YOU) in tolerating and enduring oppression in their own lives and vicinity (Yes, YOU are partly responsible for what is happening to YOU – in this way, moralities and practicalities are inseparable)…

…most importantly I see those that stand in awe and disgust at the vast travesties perpetrated by so-called ‘governments’ all over the world, and then turn around and try to find ‘governmental’ solutions to these problems…

…and even among those that recognise – like I do – that ‘government’ is always just a euphemism for violent subjugation and dumbfounding, there are relatively few who are properly asking their selves “Is my chosen method of resistance and proselytization REALLY the right one? Is it actually helping to change people’s minds for the good? Am I putting only GOOD ideas into people’s heads or am I missing something? Does what I ‘do’ amount only to armchair activism, or do I recognise that no significant change will come without getting personally involved, and assisting others to come to the same conclusion until we have a chance to actually BRING THE LEVIATHAN TO IT’S KNEES?”

There are no easy solutions to the problems we face, but don’t think you can get out of it just by collecting friends on social network sites, clicking buttons, and waiting for Ron Paul / Jesus / Nibiru / John Galt to rescue you.

If you want to be part of a REAL movement, you must first recognise what your fundamental principles are, find those that agree with them, and together, develop and coordinate a methodology that addresses the reality.

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