Weberian states do not and cannot exist

1. The concept of ‘the Weberian state’ cannot exist, since conceptually it can be broken down into smaller elements – i.e. individuals

(If one accepts this, then one accepts that the state has already been demoted to simply being a condition that exists between people, and all that remains to be determined is whether that condition is reasonable or coercive)

2. Weberian states do not currently exist (as of 13:21 GMT, 17/08/10), since corporate or private (and therefore individual) interests have hijacked all levels of “power” that were created by instituting the wrong kind of condition (see 1.)

This will necessarily happen whenever heteronomy is condoned, since the “other” will do their maximum to fill the gap left by the self, and the act of delegation/abdication is one that is usually only performed once, irreversibly.

[EDIT: I consider it very important to realise that heteronomy is not the exclusive domain of ‘governments’ – but can be perpetrated by anyone who is not committed to a voluntaryist system of ethics. This is one of many important reasons why the various philosophies described as ‘anarchism’ have, I feel, nothing to offer.]

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