the lives of others…that touch ours

[A post in two parts – first a poem, then a short analytical note]

  • – – – – –

every being that touches our lives leaves a mark;

when those touches make us glow and warmed,

we want the touch to stay and will miss it when it’s not there.

but marks that hurt

last the longest,

and sometimes never disappear,

no matter how hard we try to forget;

time cannot always fulfil its reputed role as healer.

  • – – – – –


This poster on the London Underground tells us that ‘no one should have no one’ – a sound sentiment indeed


The poster has a poem and a stirring image, and wants to create sympathy for lonely old people


But finally it turns out that money donated will create a service that provides ‘telephone companionship’ for lonely old people.

This approach to solving serious problems is awful, really. If one sympathises with the plight of the elderly and forgotten, one should go and spend time with them in person, not speak to them on the phone. Why all this separation and alienation? To say nothing of the type of societies we have that leave these people alone in the first place. Community is dead, and most of the people that want to feel the touch of another will never get what they really need.

I’m saddened to the point of despair. Aren’t you?