American Travel Journal #1 – The Shores of Lake Tahoe

I sit on soft sands and gaze out over the vast expanse of one of America’s best-loved lakes. The water is calm and beautiful azure perfection – glazed and opaque from the middle distance to the horizon, and impossibly clear in the foreground. A dipped toe shows it to be cool, but the reason I don’t strip down to my shorts and venture in is not because it would be unpleasant to submerge myself, but because I want to enjoy this moment of sitting and contemplation.


It is in this moment that it occurs to me how bittersweet the beauty of such places is. For although Lake Tahoe is an undeniably magnificent spot, and I’m genuinely happy for everyone that is there with me enjoying it, three facts leap to mind; and all three facts relate to the true source of such beauty: its rarity in this world. Continue reading