Holding your attention

First of all, for those of you that don’t know, the original meaning of entertainment was ‘something that holds your attention’, in other words: captures your mind.

Today I want to talk about a mindset that has captured the minds of most of the world: capitalism.

Capitalism is a nightmare in which the everyday humdrum reality of drudgery, wage-slavery and servitude is fused with the titilliating world of escapism and entertainment, but this fusion is done is such a way as to make the two seem like distinct, opposite states of being.

Most people, if asked, would probably say that what they do for ‘entertainment’ makes their life livable. It’s the carrot that leads them to volunteer for the theft of life that is work, and all the other exploitations to which they are also subject – inflation, political corruption, taxation, tacit complicity and legitimisation of all of the above.

Yet the same people do not see that the entertainment and ‘down time’ for which they live is provided to them from the same source that oppresses them and drives them to self-ebb their own lifeforce away in cubicles, overalls, production lines, classrooms, and of course stores.

Capitalism sells people the coping mechanisms they use to distract themselves from the prison it already has them in.  Continue reading